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This is a bleak, depressed joke.

Its meek sadness rises from the page and infects the face. But today as you may have seen John Campbell admitted that he has been faking his depression for artistic and dare I say it, monetary gain. Perhaps this came as a shock to alot of people, I know alot of fellow bloggers have reacted with anger as they felt they were buying shirts from someone with depression and never would have if they knew the person behind it was well-adjusted.

Myself though am not surprised.


sad pictures for children by Ono One (deleted) — Kickstarter

Everytime I see a new pictures for sad children update I go to my webbing boards and agree with everyone that somehow through the simple drawings and words the artist has once again bared the very soul of sadness and I upload a picture stained with tears to prove it. But this is a lie. When I read pictures for sad children, I giggle. Sometimes a chuckle, sometimes a belly-laugh, maybe even sometimes a wry smile. Oh John even though you were trying to hide your inner happiness deep within your drawings, I still saw it buried deep underneath scenarios of irony and obvious satire.

I saw it and I felt it too.

I myself have had to keep my inner joy hidden from the world. I go out with my friends and we all sob and scream about the ennui of life, I see them perform and so I act it to, but inside my brain all I can hear is the deafening sound of knock knock jokes taunting me.

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When I get home after being with these people, supposedly the people who know me the most, I just lock the door, turn up Two and a Half Men and perform the macarena for sometimes days on end. I want out of this boundless meadow. It is time to let our voices be heard. Please everyone, look into your hearts and admit it.

Stop the madness. We love you. Log in Sign up. On Pictures for Sad Children. But I wanted to write something. Pictures for Sad Children webcomics Kickstarter pfsc. I am extremely sorry and I hope you will forgive me. John Campbell anarchy pfsc wisconson.

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John Campbell and the Pictures for Sad Children. I focus on my questions. John Campbell Pictures For Sad Children PFSC a complete misunderstanding of workable economic systems the opposite of capitalism is communism not entitled douchebaggery. Campbell originally faced scrutiny in for claiming to have faked depression and capitalizing on it. John Campbell used to be a great artist.

For the rest of us? Well I am never funding another kickstarter again. I messaged John in January asking him if he needed more money. He did not respond.

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He might have burned a book because of it. He took my money and spat in my face. I am not rich. My work was delivered to him in the form of money. He is seriously troubled by the unintelligibility of a society of money and dispassion, and by the possibility that there may not be any feasible society not definable by these terms. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

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