Old Testament Theology in Outline

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Outline Old Testament Theology by Th.C. Vriezen

Ron Lindo. By Gerhard Hasel. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, Bibliography Gerhard Hasel — was the J. Before his death, Hasel had published over three hundred and nineteen articles as well as nineteen books. Hasel was known as a modern-day renaissance man because of his vast knowledge of multiple fields of study.

Old Testament theology in outline

The value of this work is found within its two main contributions to the study of OT theology. Summary Hasel begins his work with explain the beginnings and the development of OT theology. According to Hasel, this future contained three main presuppositions about the study of Biblical theology: 1 the text is not inspired, 2 the different voices within the Bible must be separated, and 3 one must distinguish between the old and new religions found within the text.

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Kaiser, Die biblishe Theologie, 3 vols. But this reaction was soon eclipsed by the history-of-religions methodology as influenced by Julius Wellhausen The first clear sign of the revival of OT Theology came in the work of E. In light of the history and development of OT Theology, Hasel moves to speak more directly of the methodologies surrounding its study.

Lecture 1: Old Testament Introduction - Dr. Bill Barrick

These methodologies fall into two main categories: 1 descriptive and historical or 2 normative and theological. Mentioned G. Wright God who Acts, B. Childs Biblical Theology in Scholars E.

Theology, 2 vols. Scholars in the His Temple, category each utilize a different dialectic 86— Westermann Elements of Within this chapter, Hasel also provides a short analysis and evaluation of each method. Having covered the different methods of Biblical theology, Hasel then moves to a core issue found within each methodology: the relationship between the historical events historical- critical method and their theological meaning as these events are described in Scripture OT theological method.

Using van Rad as a reference point, Hasel described the different perspectives on this issue. In other words, von Rad concluded that even though OT theology created a different historical picture of the OT events than historical reconstructions, both histories could exist since they served different functions.

Old Testament Theology

Second, the version of Israelite history created by the historical-critical method did not exist during the time of the NT. Nor is it adequate and appropriate to employ the hermeneutical schema of von Rad, because with neither schema has scholarship been able to reach a fully acceptable understanding of historical reality…. Scholars such as Kristern Stendahl and Bervard Childs, thought such a move jeopardized the normative status of the OT.

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Instead, they argued that the canonical status of the OT created its normative nature. Fannon; R.

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Old Testament Theology

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