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The preview of the new DLMF is a fully functional beta-level release of five of the 36 chapters. The DLMF is designed to be the definitive reference work on the special functions of applied mathematics. Special functions are "special" because they occur very frequently in mathematical modeling of physical phenomena, from atomic physics to optics and water waves. These functions have also found applications in many other areas; for example, cryptography and signal analysis. The DLMF provides basic information needed to use these functions in practice, such as their precise definitions, alternate ways to represent them mathematically, illustrations of how the functions behave with extreme values and relationships between functions.

The DLMF provides various visual aids to provide qualitative information on the behavior of mathematical functions, including interactive Web-based tools for rotating and zooming in on three-dimensional representations. These 3-D visualizations can be explored with free browsers and plugins designed to work in virtual reality markup language VRML. Mouse over any mathematical function, and the DLMF provides a description of what it is; click on it, and the DLMF goes to an entire page on the function.

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The DLMF adheres to a high standard for handbooks by providing references to or hints for the proofs of all mathematical statements. It also provides advice on methods for computing mathematical functions, as well as pointers to available software. We were unable to find this edition in any bookshop we are able to search. These online bookshops told us they have this item:. Tags What are tags?

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The University of Melbourne. The University of Queensland. The University of Sydney. University of Newcastle Library. University of Technology Sydney. University of Western Australia. Struve and related functions Richard B. Paris; Parabolic cylinder functions Nico M. Temme; Confluent hypergeometric functions Adri B.

Olde Daalhuis; Legendre and related functions T. Mark Dunster; Hypergeometric function Adri B. Generalized hypergeometric functions and Meijer G-function Richard A. Askey and Adri B. Andrews; Orthogonal polynomials Tom H. Koornwinder, Roderick S.

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Wong, Roelof Koekoek and Rene F. Swarttouw; Elliptic integrals Bille C. Carlson; Theta functions William P. Reinhardt and Peter L. Walker; Multidimensional theta functions Bernard Deconinck; Jacobian elliptic functions William P. Weierstrass elliptic and modular functions William P.

Bernoulli and Euler polynomials Karl Dilcher; Zeta and related functions Tom M. Apostol; Combinatorial analysis David M. Bressoud; Functions of number theory Tom M.

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Mathieu functions and Hill's equation Gerhard Wolf; Spheroidal wave functions Hans Volkmer; Heun functions Brian D. Sleeman and Vadim Kuznetsov; Clarkson; Coulomb functions Ian J. Thompson; Functions of matrix argument Donald St. Richards;