Modelling the Messerschmitt Bf-110

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Likewise, the Soviets flew an unknown number of captured Bf s during the war.

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Operational Service The Bf made its mark from early in the war to the last fighting days - such was its importance to the German cause in the many campaigns of World War 2. Initial operations saw it used to good effect against the Polish defense of September It was then pressed into service for the conquests of Denmark and Norway.

Revell 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf 110 G-4 (Part 1)

In , the Western Campaign pressed Bf s into further actions which help net the Axis the countries of Belgium and France. While effective on the whole during these early operations, the Bf suffered when pressed into the escort role as it fell to more nimble Allied fighters.

Messerschmitt Bf 110

Losses mounted during the Battle of Britain campaign of where, on just one day, some 30 Bf s were felled by the enemy. Following the Axis defeat over England, the Bf saw more combat in the skies over the Balkans and, from there, the type was featured in the critical North African campaign as an air support platform for Afrika Corps during It flew missions around the Mediterranean theater as well as over the Middle East region showcasing the aircraft's ability to operate in a variety of conditions.

When Germany invaded the Soviet Union in June of , the Bf was one of the attack aircraft on hand. Its final operational sorties were in the defense of Berlin and in night fighter operations where losses proved terrible for the type. Estimated delivery date: postal code: change address settings. Post - package priority Estimated shipping time: wednesday, 2.

Messerschmitt Bf 110

Shipping date Post - package priority wednesday, Recommended additions. Daimler Benz DB A. Messerschmitt Bf C.

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Messerschmitt Bf Fighter. Messerschmitt BF C4. Messerschmitt Bf G Newsletter If you wish to receive news about our store, enter your email address into the field below:. Then, Nachtjaeger units were equipped with Bf D models fitted with a forward-facing, Spanner-Anlage infrared sensor. This allowed bombers to be targeted in full darkness, but it had a very short range and proved ineffective as an operational interception device.

Messerschmitt Bf C/D Italeri

This version was fitted with FuG Liechtenstein air interception radar which had an effective maximum range of kilometers 1. Aircraft were vectored towards a target by ground controllers using Wurzburg and Freya radar.

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The Bf F-4 was also provided with a ventral tray mounting two MK short-barreled millimeter cannon which were easily capable of destroying any British bomber. Between April and June , the Nachtjagd force destroyed British bombers and by September it had shot down a total of 1, bombers.

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Most of these victories were scored by Bf s — Jus were also being used in the night fighter role, but these were often used in long-range intruder operations over England and most of the defense of the Reich fell to the Messerschmitt. However, Bf s were still being spotted by the tail gunners of British bombers before they could attack. A sight was inset in the top of the canopy, and the ammunition was modified so that all rounds left a faint, glowing trail.

The fighter would maneuver below a bomber, often being able to see the aircraft silhouetted against the night sky above. The bomber, however, had no visibility below and would be unable to see the Bf as it slid into position. The fighter would generally target engines or fuel tanks if possible since firing directly into the bomb bay produced such a huge explosion that there was a risk of the attacker being damaged.

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