Legend of the Lancasters: The Bomber War from England 1942-45

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Don had served his time as an apprentice draughtsman, and after the outbreak of war worked on the design of the Lancaster. Joan was just years-old, and an apprentice hairdresser at Kendal Milne store in Manchester, when she suddenly had to swap scissors for spanners. For Don and Joan and the many others working at the Chadderton factory the effort to produce the planes completely took over their lives - the hours were long and the planes were produced at an incredible rate.

At one point the workers built Lancasters in a month.

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Today the factory and its famous assembly floors lie silent and empty. It will soon close for good. Primarily used as a night bomber.

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Between the Lancaster flew , operations and dropped , tons of bombs. Only 35 Lancasters survived more than successful operations. The Lancasters were the only planes that could carry and deliver the bouncing bombs which did so much damage to the dams in Germany. The legacy of those daring raids turned the Lancaster from bomber plane into legend.

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But there was a high price to pay. The bomber was an easy target, and more than half of the 7, Lancasters produced were shot down. Although Joan Andrew spent years making the pilots' consoles for the Lancaster, she never saw the parts assembled into the plane. Inside Out takes her to Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre in East Kirkby, home to one of the few Lancasters left today for an emotional trip to see the plane up close and personal. Jacey meets professional stuntman Martin Shenton who is opening his own stunt centre in Morecambe, the first of its kind in the world.

He still remembers his very first professional stunt on Casualty - a 'stair fall' with three other guys. There's all sorts of equipment in the new stunt school designed to put trainee stunt men and women through their paces, including a climbing wall, trampolines and even a trapeze.

Martin takes Jacey through some basic stunt training including demonstrating how to fall using a trampoline. Jacey also watches a local judo club getting to grips with the new facilities. Being able to fight is just one of the skills you need to perfect before you can become a stunt person.

Obituary: Jimmy Graham, Tail End Charlie on a Lancaster bomber who won a Distinguished Flying Medal

So you do they make those fight scenes look realistic on TV? I've got a knife here. A foam one. They're either foam or rubber. Obviously they do look a little bit like a knife but they do shape them and paint them and they look realistic. It's like a breakaway glass - I've got one here. That is a breakaway bottle made out of sugar glass or Perspex. Hardest and longest stunts Martin says that the hardest stunt he's ever done was in the TV drama Wire in the Blood.

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He also holds the World Record for the longest stair fall done at the Ashton Memorial in Lancaster, involving concrete stairs. Falling downstairs is extremely dangerous and even though Martin's wears full body armour, there's still a risk of injury - so don't try this at home.

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Safety note: Remember Martin Shenton is a professional stuntman and all the stunts you see performed on Inside Out have been carried out under the careful supervision of a stunt co-ordinator so don't try to copy any of them. Home Explore the BBC. This page has been archived and is no longer updated.

Dresden Bombed To Atoms: World War II (1945) - British Pathé

In , Mr. Hill began collecting papers, audiovisual materials, and memorabilia from members of the 8th Air Force. Petska Libraries Endowment to honor the memory of their fathers, both Air Force veterans. Albert M. Petska served in the 8th Air Force, and George M.

Middlemas Sr. This endowment provides for acquisitions and preservation. This collection is arranged in eight series: Veterans' papers; veterans groups and memorial societies; photographs; books; audio-visual; newsletters; images and exhibit. Some materials in this collection are stored offsite, please allow three days for retrieval before use. Copyright is retained by the creators of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.

The Eighth Air Force archive acquires and preserves original primary source documentation and reference materials devoted to the history of this strategic bombing group and the role its veterans played in defeating the Axis powers. The Eighth Air Force Archive consists of approximately cubic feet of records, more than audio and videotapes, and hundreds of artifacts.

It is organized into eight series: Individual collections; veterans groups and memorial societies; photographs; books; audio-visual; newsletters; images and exhibit. Photographs document personnel, aircraft, base life and combat missions, as well as reunions, symposiums, and air shows attended by veterans in the years after the war. All books are individually cataloged and bibliographies may be found online with the University Libraries' catalog search. The audio-visual series contains over five hundred titles, including gun camera footage, home movies of base life in England, reunions, symposiums, and documentaries.

The newsletter series is organized by organization and group numbers. Many of the bomber and fighter groups, along with their various support groups, are represented in this series. Click associated checkboxes to select items to request. When you have finished, click the Submit Request button. General Carl A. Thomas, Thomas L. Thistlethwaite, 1st Lt. William T.

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Chanute Field, Ill. BAD No. Seaburg, Roy C.