Environment and Empire (Oxford History of the British Empire Companion)

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Prof Dorling (Uni of Oxford) - Brexit and the End of the British Empire

The fourth installment in this distinguished and unprecedented series brings us to the twentieth century. As with the other volumes, this book includes the work of leading scholars. Here, readers confront the many facets of the imperial experience in the final century of the British Empire, above all the rapid processes of decolonization that began at mid-century. Volume IV attempts to understand the men who managed the empire, their priorities and visions as leaders, and the mechanisms of control which held the empire together.

There are chapters on imperial centers of activity, on the geographical periphery of the empire, and on the entirety of its connecting mechanisms, including institutions and the flow of people, money, goods, and services.

Environment and Empire

Contributors also explore the experiences of Britain's imperial subjects in culture, politics, and economics--those experiences which fostered the growth of vibrant, and often new, national identities and movements as well as--ultimately--new nation-states. It concludes with decolonization and the reshaping of the political map of the world.

Focusing the perspectives of gender scholarship on the study of empire, this is an original volume full of fascinating insights about the conduct of men as well as women. Bringing together disparate fields - politics, medicine, sexuality, childhood, religion, migration, and many more topics -this collection of essays demonstrates the richness of studying empire through the lens of gender. This is a more inclusive look at empire, which asks not only why the empire was dominated by men, but how that domination affected the conduct of imperial politics.

Imperialism was inseparable from the history of global environmental change. Metropolitan countries sought raw materials of all kinds, from timber and furs to rubber and oil.

They established sugar plantations that transformed island ecologies. Focusing the perspectives of gender scholarship o… More.


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