Dark Days in the Newsroom: McCarthyism Aimed at the Press

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Stoner's biography follows the remarkable life of the brash, pioneering journalist.

Shilts's reporting on AIDS in San Francisco broke barriers even as other gay writers and activists ridiculed his overtures to the mainstream and labeled him a traitor to the movement, charges the combative Shilts forcefully answered. Behind the scenes, Shilts overcame career-threatening struggles with alcohol and substance abuse to achieve the notoriety he had always sought, while the HIV infection he had purposely kept hidden began to take his life.

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Filled with new insights and fascinating detail, The Journalist of Castro Street reveals the historic work and passionate humanity of the legendary investigative reporter and author. This is an excellent piece of writing.

The Journalist of Castro Street is engrossing yet haunting. It is indispensable for anyone who would understand the early years of the AIDS crisis, the intersection of the epidemic and the news media, and the challenges facing Shilts as the openly gay journalist blazed a trail into the media mainstream.

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It is not merely a biography of Shilts, it is more. Stoner captures the passions and imperfections of both the fearless writer and the gay-rights crusader. Andrew E.

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She hoped to create and organization that would fight against fascism and Nazism. She was an Italian journalist and author. Schiavi wrote primarily for left-wing journals.

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Lea Schiavi was murdered by undetermined assailants in South Persia on April 24, while her husband Winston Burdett was reporting in India. While the murder was never solved it is believed to be, based on the testimony of Burdett, that the murder was directly related to Burdett's no longer spying for the Soviet Union due to his ongoing disillusionment with Communism.

The story Burdett told at the Congressional hearing was that his wife was working in South Persia, reporting from Kurdistan. When her vehicle was stopped by a truck full of Russian soldiers, they immediately started specifically asking if she was in the car.

McCarthyism Aimed at the Press

When they found out she was, she was killed instantly. Burdett believed she was killed because she had uncovered links between military training camps in Iran and an upcoming communist coup in Yugoslavia. In another version of this story, Schiavi was traveling on assignment with the New York newspaper PM , which involved travel through Azerbaijan with Zina Agaian, her Armenian friend and a daughter of a deputy, when a Kurdish boy stopped the vehicle and asked for Schiavi by name.


When she responded that it was her, the Kurd killed her by shooting her in the chest. Yet another version of the story told by Schiavi's father Natalino Schiavi was that Lea had fallen victim to the anarchy that broke out during the Hama Rashid revolt in Iran around Another theory was that Lea Schiavi was killed by the Italians because she was too important in anti-fascism efforts by the Italian community in Iran.

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Iran in the early s has been described as a "crossroads" for spies as it was strategically important. According to Burdett, an officer of the American Counterintelligence Corp told him that there was evidence that Schiavi was assassinated with arrangements by the Russians. During her trip to Iran, Russians had been in training there, and Schiavi came across important information the Russians did not want a journalist to know about.

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The death of Schiavi caused Burdett to get the American Embassy officials and Tabriz officials involved in helping him investigate the crime. Schiavi's murder partly influenced Burdett to testify about his espionage before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee.

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